Queer Questions about Jamestown

Richard William Cornish presents a queer (awkward and otherwise) episode among several heroic tales of perseverance, valor, ambition,  and tenacity associated to the Jamestown Colony. Richard William Cornish, master of the ship Ambrose was executed in 1624 for the ‘ crime’ of having abused his position of power to lure William Cowse into bed. It is a bawdy incident … More Queer Questions about Jamestown

Revisiting the ‘Americanization of the Homosexual’: The Case of Berlin

Contemporary ‘gayness’ has been (arguably) constructed through the production of cultural goods that re-present ‘gay life’ and inform gay males’ self-understanding. ‘Authenticity’ modes of embodying gay identity, litmus tests that determine what represents legitimate ‘gayness’  are arguably filtered through media, artistic, intellectual, and other cultural goods that authenticate recognisable markers of gay maleness. The cultural construction of  urban gay … More Revisiting the ‘Americanization of the Homosexual’: The Case of Berlin