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A Queer Take on Christmas: Exploring the Possibilities of Incarnational Theology in Transatlantic Religious Debates on Human Sexuality

Transatlantic Crossings and Religion Religious belief and liturgical practice have been productive as they has traveled across the Atlantic. Belief and practice  structure socioeconomic patterns of inclusion and exclusion, networks of political power, and the boundaries of cultural normativity. They also infuse daily practice and moderate the temperament and rhythm of lives in the communities […]

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‘Outing’ à la française: American influences in contemporary debates on same sex marriage

‘Outing’ of conservative anti-gay politicians in Washington DC has claimed an interesting array of colorful victims including anti- Republican politician Steve Wiles of North Carolina who turned out to be a former drag-queen, with photographic evidence thereof,  and other politicians ‘outed ‘ through more intrusive and violent ways including photographs  of men in compromising attire and positions […]

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